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VICTORIO VKP1126 Hand Crank Ice Crusher Review

VICTORIO VKP1126 Hand Crank Ice CrusherIn case you are not sure of which ice maker to get, or you want a foot-in-the-door appliance, an ice crusher is a great way to start. Considering that there aren’t many alternatives to an actual ice machine, this ice crusher caught our attention with its popularity and design. So, we have decided to test it out, and see how it can face the challenge of ice preparation by crushing. Every bit of info we found about his device will be summed up here, in this VICTORIO VKP1126 hand crank ice crusher review.

We are sure that getting a hand crank appliance like this has its purposes and benefits. However, nothing can replace a suitable ice machine, no matter the type of ice it produces. But, a lot of people seem to think that VICTORIO VKP1126 Hand Crank Ice Crusher is a great placeholder, so why not give it a go for starters?

VICTORIO VKP1126 Hand Crank Ice Crusher Description

Generally speaking, this device is small compared to any ice machine out there. It is entirely made of plastic, except for the crank lever and the blades inside (for functionality reasons, of course). The crusher is altogether white, and it is made of 3 different parts: the crank system, the ice-grinding chamber and the ice container beneath it. The total weight of this ice crusher is about 1.5 pounds.

1. The Ice-grinding Chamber

It is the core of the device and the place where the magic happens. The crusher has a plastic lid located on the top, connected with a hinge, which can be locked for safety reasons. Inside the chamber, there is a set of 5 rotating curved knives that are doing all the ice crushing. These knives are made of durable stainless steel.

2. The Crank Lever

You have already seen a system like this somewhere. It was popularized almost a century ago when it was built into the coffee bean and pepper grinders. Made of chrome-plated steel, this handle is used to rotate the blade system inside the ice-crushing chamber.

3. Ice Container

Below the crushing chamber, there is a larger one, installed to catch and store the crushed ice after the blades crush it. This container can be separated from the rest of the ice crusher and used as an icebox for a short while. The ice container can store about 5 to 6 cups of crushed ice at a time.

Customer Service and Warranty Policy

VICTORIO makes products that are all about kitchen convenience. From pots and pans to ice crushers and vegetable cutters, they specialize in smaller devices and appliances. They even produce an exclusive brand of sauces, oils and snow cone syrups. The company is reachable via landline, phone, and email.

They have active social network profiles that keep everyone posted about new products, and updates for older ones.

This hand crank ice crusher is covered with a 5-year limited warranty policy.

What to Expect from VICTORIO VKP1126 Hand Crank Ice Crusher?

Being that you have to put ice inside, and crush it by hand, this machine is quite versatile. We thought it was a great addition to the everyday kitchen arsenal, and that it can make summer days more comfortable and more refreshing. However, due to its size and manner of operation, it is not suitable to service a lot of people. If you do not want to get tired a lot, the ideal number of people it can serve is 2-4 at best.


  • Small, compact and versatile device that can fit into any kitchen
  • The blades and the handle are made of highly durable materials.
  • Ice container is removable, and you can use it as an icebox for a short while.
  • The instructions manual is easy to follow


  • Because it is powered manually, do not expect to service a lot of people without some elbow grease.
  • This device is not a replacement for an ice machine, but rather a placeholder.

Wrap Up

Even though it is a small, hand-pored device, we were pleasantly surprised by its performance. We managed to make medium sized piles of crushed ice in no time. If you want to make larger quantities of crushed ice, however, you will need some muscle endurance. All in all, we encountered no problems during the VICTORIO VKP1126 hand crank ice crusher review, and as a matter of fact, we had some fun with it.

Until you decide which nugget ice machine fits your home in the best possible way, this little device will surely be helpful. After all, it is pretty affordable and available to everyone.

That would be it for this review, and if you want to add or ask something, feel free to do so in the comment section, and we will gladly answer.

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