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Scotsman N0622A-1 Prodigy Plus Review

Scotsman N0622A-1 Prodigy PlusWhen it comes to ice making, there are average machines, powerful machines, and then there is this nugget ice maker from Scotsman. If you delved into the world of ice machines, the chances are that you stumbled upon this model as one of the most powerful out there. While the model itself walks a fine line between residential and commercial, one thing is for sure: it is big and mighty.

We wanted to see what was all the fuss about, so we went out and tested this nugget ice making giant. All the essential info we found will be covered in this Scotsman N0622A-1 prodigy plus review, so pay close attention, and learn what this bad boy brings to the table. With a unit such as this one, you should always be prepared on what to expect, because, to be completely honest, it isn’t cheap.

Scotsman N0622A-1 Prodigy Plus Nugget Ice Maker Specifications

In contrast to other nugget ice makers, the first thing you will notice about this one is the industrial and robust design. It is a big metallic gray cube, with large slider doors to access the ice container. The absence of fancy design gives off a professional heavy-duty vibe because even though there aren’t any shiny things on board, and it is firmly built. Speaking of its build, this ice maker weighs a total of 172 pounds. Yes, that much. Considering the weight, we can freely say that it is a stationary model and that it should be moved around only if necessary.

But, let us put aside the looks and the weight, and see how much ice can this hefty nugget ice maker produce. Believe it or not, the ice capacity of this Scotsman model is an astonishing 643 pounds per day. If you are unfamiliar with the basics of nugget ice making, feel free to hop over to our introduction to sonic ice machines. With ice production like this, you will never be out of ice, no matter the size of the party you are making. The sole fact that this model found its way into hotels, as a support ice maker, should tell you enough.

But wait, there’s more. With an ice production rate like this, the manufacturer had to install some additional features to help with keeping the ice safe and clean. A large number of inner parts of this ice maker is made of anti-bacterial materials which help in preventing contamination between cleanings. Inside the unit, there is a system of sensors that can help you with diagnostics and machine status.

Customer Support and Warranty Policy

Scotsman is known as a company that specializes in ice machines, and water refrigeration. Their strong suit is making commercial appliances. However, they also apply the same engineering solutions to their residential machines, which makes them most influential in the game of ice making. The company offers professional help through the website, next to the intricate details about the machines they create. If you wish to contact them, you can do so via landline, mobile, website or email.

This particular nugget ice maker is covered with a 3-year limited warranty policy.

What to Expect from Scotsman N0622A-1 Prodigy Plus Nugget Ice Maker?

You can expect to never run out of nugget ice. There’s no doubt about it. This large ice machine outranks every other in its class, and it delivers results that are way above average. Parties, BBQs, pool parties, it is all fair game for this powerful appliance. However, keep in mind that it is hefty and pricy.


  • One of the most potent nugget ice makers out there, producing over 600 pounds of ice per day.
  • Smart and intelligent operation module saves energy and water.
  • A very convenient feature is the QR code on the side of the unit which takes you directly to the user manual and spec sheets.
  • Its official user manual is very helpful


  • With performances like these, you will have to get a larger budget for the ice maker.
  • The unit weighs a total of 172 pounds, which makes it stationary.

Wrap Up

What do you think about this ice nugget giant? We found it to be extremely convenient and practical with its never-ending supply of soft nugget ice. With a delivery like this, you will be able to make cocktails, ice treats, and to have a bunch of ice left at your disposal. While we were doing this Scotsman N0622A-1 prodigy plus review, we did not manage to find any significant flaws on the unit. It is bulky, yes, but it delivers crazy high results.

If you want to share, add or ask anything about hits nugget ice maker, feel free to do so in the comment section below, and we will answer as quickly as possible.

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