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Opal Nugget Ice Maker Review – Ice Making 101

FirstBuild Opal01 Opal Nugget Ice MakerBelieve it or not, a large number of people still think that the sole purpose of ice is to keep your drinks fresh, and they haven’t quite heard of nugget ice. Since you are here, you are probably familiar with this chewable ice form, and you want to find a reliable ice machine for your home or poolside. We went out and decided to test this popular nugget ice making model.

We will, of course, gather all the vital info into this Opal nugget ice maker review to help you decide whether it can or cannot be a part of your kitchen. Nugget ice is getting more popular by the day, and there is no reason for you not to enjoy all its benefits. After all, these machines are becoming available to everyone, and are not for commercial use only anymore.


Opal Nugget Ice Maker Specifications

One of the main reasons why Opal became popular is its modern design. The metallic black and gray color scheme, mixed with large areas of transparent glass, really stick out. The rectangular shape of the unit makes it easy to maneuver and fit the machine between other appliances if needed. Additionally, for a device this big, it is considered somewhat lightweight, weighing a total of 44 pounds, so moving around is possible and hassle-free.

Now, to get a bit technical. The control panel of the machine has only a single button, located on the front side. When put into working mode, it takes about 20 minutes for this nugget ice maker to start delivering fresh ice. Twenty minutes might seem like a long time, but, once it starts making it, it produces up to 1 pound of nugget ice per hour. The freezing mechanism uses reservoir water, so no water pipes are required.

Located in the middle of the unit, there are 3 pounds of ice storage space, covered and protected by a transparent door mechanism, making it easier to check up on how much ice you have left. The inside of the ice storage does not have refrigeration of its own, but if the ice melts, the water will return to the ice making module and turn into fresh nuggets again.

Another great feature that this model has is a remote start option. By connecting it with your phone via Bluetooth and the FirstBuild app, you will be able to control the ON/OFF switch of this nugget ice maker, which increases its convenience by a lot.

Customer Support and Warranty Policy

FirstBuild is a company that deals with water delivery and ice production. They have raised the bar for ice makers in the past several times, and they pride on creating regular appliances with a high-tech twist. The company can be reached through mobile, landline, mail, website and email.

Their website has an exciting feature that allows you to have an inside look at the engineering side of the appliances they make, which also keeps the customers up to date on new products and ideas.

This particular nugget ice maker is covered with a 1-year limited warranty policy.

What to Expect from Opal Nugget Ice Maker?

With an ice production capacity of 1 pound/hour and a storage capacity of 3 pounds, this model will cover all household’s ice needs and requirements. Making ice treats for a large group of kids (and adults) will be a piece of cake, and you will probably never run out of ice. The remote start option is extra convenient if you plan on having more people over for cocktails or slurries.


  • Innovative and modern design, with a lot of glass parts for aesthetic and practical reasons.
  • Pretty spacious, 3-pound, ice storage that can recycle melted ice will ensure continual ice production.
  • Bluetooth connection is a bonus for people that like to plan their ice needs ahead.
  • Comprehensive user manual


  • A lot of glass parts means that you will have to clean the device more often.
  • There are no options on the control panel, and this machine produced only one ice nugget size.

Wrap Up

After testing it, we realized why this Opal is such a popular choice of a large number of people. It is modern, delivers a lot of ice, and the remote start option is a quality-of-life feature that anyone can benefit using. The ice maker looks stylish, and it can fit into any kitchen with its neutral color pattern. While doing this Opal nugget ice maker review, the ice machine delivered just as promised, and the ice was chewable and smooth.

We hope that we helped you decide whether this machine is suitable for your household. Whether you want to ask or add something, feel free to do so in the comment section below, and we will gladly provide an answer.

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