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NewAir NIM040SS00 Review

NewAir NIM040SS00 Countertop Nugget Ice MakerHaving nugget ice on-demand at home is a quality-of-life thing. The technology of today allowed us to get all sorts of appliances that save us all those trips to the store. Now, having a pellet ice maker on your kitchen counter is a whole new dimension of comfort. Nugget ice is, among other applications, chewable and it can be a treat on its own, which makes it a great and refreshing snack as well.

In the next couple of sections, we are going to analyze the NewAir NIM040SS00 – a countertop nugget ice maker that can fit into any kitchen out there. Everything I collected on this particular ice maker model is summed up in this NewAir NIM040SS00 review. Hopefully, this review will help you decide whether or not to add this super-useful appliance to your kitchen arsenal. Of course, we will go through some cons as well. Let’s go!

NewAir NIM040SS00 Specifications

As you might already know, the NewAir ice makers got their fame from being both compact and super-efficient. This model doesn’t deviate from that rule at all. The overall design has that standard approach – metallic square design with a lid on top. On the upper front side, the lid has a see-through panel that can help you see how much ice is left in the ice maker.

When it comes to the control panel, NewAir took the minimalist direction with this model. There are no buttons or dials on the front panel. All you can do is turn the ice maker on or off, and that is it. This might sound like too little, but the lack of buttons gives a nice feel to the whole ordeal. There are two indicator lights on both sides of the on/off button, one to tell you that the ice bucket is full and the other to notify you to get more water in.

The capacity of this NewAir countertop nugget ice maker sums up to 40 lbs. of ice, but that is not the strong suit of this model. You can get a fresh batch of ice in just over 5 minutes. Yes, you read that well. Five minutes for a batch of small ice nuggets.

Another great thing about this model is that the plastic inside is BPA-free and the ice maker has a self-cleaning program that always runs.

Customer Support and Warranty Policy

As usual, NewAir delivers innovative solutions to modern problems. They deal with temperature-related appliances and devices, so they know what they are doing here. You can reach them through the company website or email. They also have a phone line available for their customers to contact them.

This particular ice machine is covered with a 1-year limited warranty policy.

What to Expect from NewAir NIM040SS00 Ice Maker?

NewAir NIM040SS00 ReviewIn my opinion, the biggest feature of this nugget ice maker by NewAir is its speed. In just over five minutes you can get a batch of fresh nugget ice. The plastic parts inside are well made as well, and the self-cleaning feature is just the icing on the cake.


  • BPA-free plastic used inside for the bucket and other integral parts of the ice maker
  • The ice maker delivers a batch of fresh nugget ice in five minutes
  • Minimalist controls allow for care-free usage – one button for everything
  • The overall size of this nugget ice maker makes it fit into any kitchen


  • The ice bucket capacity isn’t impressive, although 40 lbs. of ice can be enough for a standard family
  • Some people find the lack of controls and various programs a bit off-putting

Wrap Up

And there you have it – everything you needed to know about this ice maker wrapped up in a bite-sized NewAir NIM040SS00 review. If you are a fan of chewable ice, this machine might be ideal for you since it delivers fresh ice in five minutes. The controls are more than simple, the indicators are easy to read, and the ice storage is not all that bad. All in all, this countertop nugget ice machine from NewAir can be a great entry point, especially if you can’t spare a lot of room in your kitchen.

If by any chance you wanted to add or ask something, I encourage you to do so through the comments below, and I’ll answer ASAP. Have fun picking your new ice machine!

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