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NewAir AI-215SS Review

NewAir AI-215SS Ice MakerHaving to order, pickup and store ice is always a hassle, but summertime is way hotter without it. This trouble is one of the main reasons why people decide to get their ice makers. And, to be honest, owning an ice maker is not a thing of luxury anymore, considering the technological advancements and the global market in general. We used this as the main reason (among other ones) to test out a nugget ice machine model and sum up the impressions in this NewAir AI-215SS review.

Knowledge is power, so we encourage you to study our guide, and see for yourself if this particular appliance can find a place among your other kitchen machines. We went through a lot of things, like specs, pros and cons, aesthetics and even build design, all to see if this ice maker delivers as promised. Enjoy!

NewAir AI-215SS Ice Maker Specifications

There is a reason why this NewAir ice machine is advertised both as a portable (countertop) and as a sonic ice machine. It can produce both types of ice, depending on which operation mode you select. Its body design doesn’t differ a lot from similar portable models, and the model still resembles a cube. The outer body consists of durable materials that increase the longevity of the unit, as well as resistance to damage, but it does also increase its weight. The total weight of this unit is around 38 pounds, which is still considered portable.

Let’s get a bit technical now. Despite this model’s portable design, it delivers above-average results, with an ice production rate of 50 pounds of ice per day. Because a regular portable model provides between 24 and 28 lbs./day, we are sure that this model will be able to withstand delivering ice for large parties and cookouts. In case you want to know more about the ice making in general, we encourage you to pay a visit to our general ice machine guide. (link the main page here)

When it comes to immediate results, the time this ice machine takes to produce a single batch of ice is between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on the mode you select. In small ice cube mode, this ice maker produces chewable nugget ice which takes less time to freeze, and in medium/large ice cube mode it provides regular clear ice.

The control panel comes with a small LCD screen that will help you have a better insight into the commands, and it is intuitive to use. Additionally, to make things more convenient, the lid on top has a transparent window, so you can always see how much ice is there in the ice storage.

Customer Support and Warranty Policy

NewAir is a manufacturer which makes appliances that deal with temperature. They produce cooling and freezing gear, as well as heaters and some other temperature-regulating systems. Their engineers are always implementing new solutions into the machines they make, with a dash of traditional values as well. They do make some other kitchen appliances, and recently they specialized in wine coolers.

The company can be reached via their website and email, but also through some more traditional means of communication like landline and mobile.

This particular ice machine is covered with a 1-year limited warranty policy.

What to Expect from NewAir AI-215SS Ice Maker?

The thing about the NewAir AI-215SS Ice Maker is that it can cover a wide range of requirements. No matter if you are looking for clear ice or nugget ice, it will be there to fulfill that wish. The nugget this machine makes is soft and chewable, and it takes under 10 minutes to make.


  • Multi-functional ice machine that makes both nugget and clear ice (depending on the mode).
  • It delivers above-average results when it comes to ice production capacity, with a total of up to 50 pounds of ice per day.
  • The neutral design of this ice maker will help you fit it in any interior.
  • Easy to follow user’s manual


  • Even though it is considered portable, this ice maker weighs above the average weight of a standard countertop ice machine.
  • This particular model needs a bit more electricity, so make sure you double check your RV’s energy grid if you intend to use it on the road.

Wrap Up

The NewAir AI-215SS Ice Maker is all about versatility and portability. We were satisfied by its performance, and we can safely say that it delivered as the manufacturer promised, no more, no less. Even though it is a heftier device, carrying it around was not all that hard, especially when it comes to getting it outside on a hot summer day. Making this NewAir AI-215SS review was a fun and exciting experience, and we hope it did shed some light onto this ice machine.

If you wanted to add or ask, something, please do so in the comment section below, and we will answer as soon as possible.

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