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Igloo Ice Maker Not Working?

When Igloo ice maker is not working, it could be the unit is not turned on properly, not receiving any electrical power, not receiving any water, or it could be the water is not reaching the ice tray. A clogged water supply line can prevent the machine from producing ice as well. Alternatively, the ambient temperature in the machine’s water reservoir might be too high (90 degrees or higher) or there is a leakage of the refrigerant liquid somewhere in the system.

How to Fix Igloo Ice Maker?

Igloo Ice Maker Not WorkingTry to fix the ice-making problem by check the unit’s power connection first and double-checking whether it is paused or if the ice bucket is already full so it can’t produce more ice. If nothing helps, it may be that the Igloo ice maker’s ejector or heating mechanism is faulty, or that it hasn’t been cleaned for a while. Disassemble and clean each of its components using warm water and vinegar to restore its optimal performance.

How to Reset Igloo Ice Maker?

Turn the Igloo ice maker, then press and hold the POWER button for the next 10 seconds. Drain all the water out and let it sit for the next 30 minutes.

If that doesn’t work, unplug the ice maker, then press the center of the ice shovel and push the shovel and the pusher to the back. Plug the ice maker back and turn it on.

Alternatively, press the SELECT button for 10 seconds, then turn off your Igloo ice maker and leave it to sit for the next couple of hours. Turn it back again and the unit should be ready to make ice again.

How to Clean Igloo Ice Maker?

Steps on how to clean Igloo ice maker are listed below:

  • Unplug the ice maker from the electrical outlet,
  • Unplug the water drain plug located on the bottom of the ice maker,
  • Take the ice basket out,
  • Use a soft cloth and a little bit of warm, soapy water to clean the ice basket and ice scoop,
  • Dry the inside using a non-abrasive towel,
  • Plug the unit back into the electrical socket.

How to Properly Use Igloo Portable Ice Maker?

Steps on how to use Igloo portable ice maker are listed below:

  • Open the ice basket by opening the clear lid,
  • Fill the water reservoir, yet stay below the MAX level mark,
  • Select the desired ice cube size by pressing the SELECT button,
  • Start the ice making cycle by pressing the POWER button on the control panel,
  • Check the water level 2-3 times during the ice making process,
  • If the ADD WATER light is blinking, turn the ice maker off by pressing the button,
  • Pour more water into the reservoir, then press the POWER button again,
  • When the ice basket is full, the machine will automatically stop working,
  • Drain all the water from the reservoir if the machine is not going to be used anytime soon.


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