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How Long Does Ice Maker Take to Make Ice?

Most modern ice makers take 30 to 90 minutes to produce 4.6 oz of ice (8 to 10 cubes) or 24 hours (16 cycles) to produce 130 ice cubes. An average commercial ice maker takes 11 to 20 minutes to produce 45 ice cubes or 24 hours to produce 100lbs of ice. How long an ice maker will take to make ice depends on the actual cycle time of an ice maker. The ice-making cycle and the volume of ice produced depend on the size of the ice-making tray and several other factors – the temperature of the room where the machine is placed and the frequency of use.

Why Is My Ice Maker Taking So Long to Make Ice?

How Long Does Ice Maker Take to Make IceIce makers take so long to make ice because the machine has cooling or thermostat-related issues, or the pressure is too low, or the water filter is dirty. Not changing the water filter every 6 months can make the machine produce ice at a slower pace. Ice makers that are not operating at a water pressure of at least 40 PSI may also take longer to make ice. Opening the ice maker’s door too often or accidentally leaving the door open can also decrease the machine’s efficiency. An ice maker standing in a warm room will take longer to make ice than the one that is stored in a cool place.

How Do I Get My Ice Maker to Make Ice Faster?

To make an ice maker make ice faster, set the ice maker to a temperature between 0 and 5 degrees, change the water filter every 6 months, make sure the water inlet valve is open all the way so the machine is operating at optimal pressure, place the unit in a cooler place, or try filling the ice tray with water only halfway through. If nothing helps, consider replacing your ice maker with a brand new machine.


Now that you know how long does ice maker take to make ice, which is somehow important to keep in mind if you are throwing parties or having your family over every weekend. In the end, the joy of ice-making is complete only when you share it with someone else!

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