Technology is everywhere, and high-quality technology is worth researching. We at Ice Making 101 like to think that solid tech needs to pass the most critical test of them all, and that is none other than food and drink.

Ice making machines used to be a luxury, and only highly commercial businesses had ice production of their own. Well, that’s not the case anymore, and everyone can get an ice making machine. We think that this technology needs to be checked and reviewed, and that is precisely the reason why we started our library of knowledge about ice machines.

Since ice makers reached the point of residential use, a lot of questions started turning up, which is only logical. We decided to embark on a quest and answer as many of those questions and tackle the most common (and some less so) problems. There are many types of ice machines, to begin with, and everyone should have a chance to pick the correct one for their own needs and requirements.

You would be surprised by the amount of technology, engineering and skill went into ice making machines of today. Want to make a ton of ice at home? You can! Want to have a fresh ice cube source by your poolside? Not a problem! We will provide you with the necessary details, and encourage you to use our library to upgrade your kitchen or an RV, or whatever you see fit.

There are safety precautions to follow, and there’s a bit of a technical side, especially when it comes to larger, household ice machines. But no matter the situation we got you covered!

After getting deep into the world of all kinds of ice machines, we discovered that they provide a quality-of-life feature that of an everyday appliance. Parties, camping, cocktail tasting gatherings, everything runs smoothly. Once you get to understand what these machines bring to the table, the possibilities are endless! Well-made clear ice is especially important in the whiskey world, and a nice glass of whiskey needs to be matched with great-quality ice!

Because every bar, restaurant and any food joint in general needs ice to function, dedicating some time to get to know how it all actually works can pay off in the long run. And now, they come at affordable prices and all kinds of shapes and sizes! And, to top it all, you will be surprised by how much modern tech there can be inside. Tech like Bluetooth, LED, LCD, and all kinds of marvels of the modern era.

As much as ice makers seem redundant, on our journey to study them, we discovered that they bring a lot more than meets the eye. After all, a simple microwave oven was once a novelty, and now is a standard part of any kitchen around the world. We think that the same will apply to ice making machines, so why not arm yourself with knowledge, and make your kitchen even cooler!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.